Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Latest Fox News Democrat

Susan Estrich, who once managed Michael Dukakis's campaign from a 17-point post-convention lead to a one-sided loss to George H.W. Bush, is now employed by the Fox News Network. Her job, of course, is to play Washington Generals to Brit Hume's and Sean Hannity's Globetrotters. With her grating voice and generally wimpy defense of all things Democratic, she makes Hannity's designated piƱata, Alan Colmes, sound like Keith Olbermann.

Anyway, she has an opinion piece up at entitled, "Arrogance Won't Win the Election." You already know what it's about and you already know which candidate it's directed at. All Fox News house Democrats know how to use Republican talking points when writing supposedly pro-Democratic articles.

But, hey, Suzy, as long as you're dispensing advice to the Obama campaign about how to win elections, I have a great suggestion: Why don't you tell him to strap on an oversized helmet, jump in a tank, and ride around in circles while the media and public laugh incredulously?

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redbarb said...

He returns, but this action raises a key question... He's watching Fox News on a Saturday? Can't he take a day off from the 24 hour noise cycle? Take a vacation. It did wonders for me.